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New York Times Best Selling Author Joel Comm

In Trust Funnel, Brian channels the best of his online knowledge and passion to help others into a practical guide that is both informative and easy to read. Packed with useful illustrations, actionable strategies, and a healthy dose of Brian’s sense of humor, Trust Funnel will teach you how to run a simple online business that can provide you with the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Go ahead. Jump into the funnel and see what comes out the other side.
I think you’re going to like it.

 Dear Friend,

Hello and welcome, it's Brian G. Johnson, author, speaker, online entrepreneur and the worlds first poodle wrangler.
If you've been searching for an edge in your online marketing. That is strategies and tactics that are proven, effective and have generated millions of dollars online. Then congratulations, because what I'm about to share with you is based on well over ten years of exactly that.

On February 3rd, 2015, I launched my first physical book, Trust Funnel. One part memoir, three parts "how-to" manual for anyone seeking the freedom to work when and where they want as they build a simple lifestyle "business" on a shoestring budget.

Drive More Traffic, Build a Responsive List
& Live a Fabulous
Wealthy Life by
Leveraging The Trust Matrix

For hundreds of years success in sales has always begun with grabbing attention, building trust and converting that trust into a sale or action. Maybe you've heard Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar or a well know marketer talk about the importance of the building trust and understanding the buying cycle:

Listening, Liking, Trusting & Buying

Trust can be found in many places online. It can be found among site visitors who decide to "like" a page, post or status update. It can be found in another selfie that appears on someone's Facebook newsfeed. And it can be found in the complex algorithms that power Google rankings, Facebook, and the various other social sites. Gone are the days of links, Google PageRank, and Facebook's EdgeRank. Today, the online currency that drives traffic, sales and online success is trust.

... and now, with the launch of Trust Funnel you'll discover how you can super charge and streamline the buying process yourself. So you can drive more traffic, build a bigger list and generate job ending results.

Aidan Booth:
"I Got Immediate Results, Brian Has Had
A Massive Impact on My Business"

Discover Dozens and Dozens of Strategies & Rituals
That Lead to My Jaw Dropping Success & Can
Be The Springboard to Yours in 2015

    • #1 The Perfect Opportunity Fail!
      Why searching for the "perfect" opportunity has held back far too many good people from achieving
      great results. Discover HOW to NOT fall victim to the perfection trap yourself. Page 2.
    • #2 The Statistically Flawed EPC
      Why focusing on statistics may actually HURT your ability to reach your full earning potential. Page 3
    • # 3 The "Real" Online Easy Button
      Discover the one true easy button that the world’s greatest business people have leveraged for
      hundreds of years with MASSIVE success. Find out how YOU TOO can tap into online-easy in
      order to generate job-ending earnings yourself. Page 4.
    • #4 The Marketing Simplicity System
      Not knowing where to start or how to begin is a roadblock that is easily overcome with the
      Trust Funnel System. Eliminate information overload so you know exactly how to move forward
      in the most effective way possible. Page 10.
    • #5 The Two Minute Method
      Discover the powerful yet incredibly simple "two-minute method" that sets you into action at the
      start of each day—super charging your results and productivity. Page 15.
    • #6 The Seven-Minute Syndrome
      Revealed! How to stop what just may be the #1 REASON WHY SO MANY FAIL to ever achieve
      anything truly worthwhile. Page 13.
    • #7 The Play-Your-Hand Method
      Discover the proven "play-your-hand" method—implement it in order to enter and crush
      ANY niche market. Page 23.
    • #8 The Golden Rule of Internet Marketing
      Set this simple rule into motion and watch your results soar. This has had a massive impact
      on not only my online business, but on the businesses of thousands of highly successful six and
      seven-figure marketers as well. Page 27.
    • #9 The Double (The Extra Mile)
      Why going the extra mile sets you apart from the competition and has a massive impact on
      your bottom line—often times doubling your results. Page 28.
    • #10 The One Success Commonality
      The one thing that ALL HIGHLY successful, money-making entrepreneurs possess is
      revealed on page 32. Discover how you too can leverage this "must-have item" so you
      don't have to spend years trying to figure it out on your own.
    • #11 The Vision Thing
      Having vision is understanding HOW you will make money online in the future. That is,
      what your operation will look like when it's up and running. Vision brings DREAMS INTO REALITY.
      Trust Funnel walks you through the process of creating your own plan and having vision
      for your future. Avoid the shiny-object syndrome and focus on what is truly most
      important day-to-day. Page 37.
    • #12 The Productivity Ritual
      Revealed! The very steps I take daily to press forward, stay productive and accomplish what
      would otherwise be much more than I could ever handle. You too can complete projects that
      are much bigger than you are and achieve greatness in your life. Page 38.
    • #13 Project Fast Track
      Working with marketers that are at a higher level than you ALWAYS propels your marketing
      forward. Discover the exact steps I've taken on two occasions to partner with a ClickBank
      master marketer and a New York Times best-selling author. Fast track your results online. Page 42.
    • #14 The Secret Success Ingredient
      It's so simple and easy, yet most marketers sadly never tap into this incredibly powerful
      marketing tactic that has the power to propel your marketing forward. It has for me, it
      has for many of my coaching students and now it's your turn. Page 45.
    • #15 Success Strategy #1: The Speed of Trust
      Discover the push-button technology that ALWAYS reduces the time it takes for people to get to
      know, like and trust you. Because people do business with those they know, like and trust. Page 47.
    • #16 Success Strategy #2: Authenticity
      Being authentic, finding your own voice and audience as well as building your brand is
      MISSION CRITICAL today. Read how I did it and how many other successful marketers
      have done it. You won't have to reinvent the wheel, struggle and wonder what's the
      best way. Just turn to page 49.
    • #17 Success Strategy #3: No Worries (It's Not About You)
      It's not about having Hollywood good looks, the fanciest website or leveraging some brand
      new whiz-bang technology. This one simple insight takes the pressure off YOU and focuses
      the attention on where it should be—your visitors, viewers, subscribers and their needs and
      wants. Relax and move forward without the extra-added pressure. Page 51.
    • #18 The Day-One Opportunity
      Imagine being able to create a loyal following with nearly no previous experience at all. While
      this sounds nearly too good to be true, it happens all the time. Thanks to what I like to call
      "the day-one opportunity.” Find out how to easily take advantage of this marketing method. Page 53.
    • #19 The Just-Born Keywords Method
      Brainstorm brand new buyer keywords that are easy to rank for and "born" each and every day.
      Discover the golden opportunity that presents itself daily to those in-the-know. Drive profitable
      traffic, quickly and easily! Page 54.
    • #20 Your Super Hero Marketing Storyline
      People are bored, bored to death. Give them something to cheer about, and root for and watch
      your results skyrocket. Step into your greatness by creating and unleashing your inner badass
      super hero storyline. Stand out, grab attention and drive amazing results online. Page 57.
    • #21 Imminent ROI Increase
      Discover simple strategies to increase the perceived value of ANYTHING you offer to the
      general public WITHOUT any additional work or time. Earn what you're worth and live a
      fabulous wealthy life. Page 61.
    • #22 The Trust Matrix Pivot
      Discover the algorithm that's powering top rankings for all the big sites including
      Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Craft content that grabs attention,
      drives more traffic and makes you more money. Page 67.
    • #23 One Powerful Question
      Move forward without second-guessing yourself. The one question that always
      ensures that you're heading in the right direction is revealed on page 68.
    • #24 Niche Awesome
      Choosing the right niche is critical to your success. After all, you can't get blood from
      a rock and if people aren't buying, you will struggle. Chapter five guides you through the
      process so you choose the right niche and live happily ever after.
    • #25 Fail Safe 0.75: Commercial Intent
      Before a single word is written, before a domain is registered and before you do anything
      at all, know—beyond a shadow of a doubt—that YES there is money to be made. Page 75.
      #26 Fail Safe #1: Show Me The Money!
      It's important to not only know that there is money to be made, but just HOW money CAN
      be made and what's possible financially. Make an informed, educated and smart decision
      based on the niche you enter. Page 76.
    • #27 Why _________ Products Are Far More Lucrative
      Page 77 reveals why you'll want to focus on one type of product to ensure, longevity, stability
      and future growth. Make more over the long haul and build something that lasts.
    • #28 Fail Safe # 2: The One Thing
      Discover the one thing that you MUST take into consideration BEFORE you jump in
      and get started with ANY niche market. This one item will either lead to your success
      or failure. Page 81.
    • #29 Push-Button Trust
      Imagine, being able to super charge your trust and likeability with not only visitors to
      your site, but with the algorithms that power the big sites such as Amazon, Google,
      Facebook and YouTube. It's not only possible but actually easy once you know how. Page 85.
    • #30 The Anchor Method
      The anchor method has allowed me to register numerous, high quality .com domains
      including,, and
      more for less than ten bucks. You too can uncover the secret to registering an amazing
      brand .com domain. Page 86.
    • #31 - Free Domain Tool
      This site has allowed me to come up with amazing, short and memorable .com brand
      domains with ease. Now, it's your turn. Page 92.
    • #32 Chapter Seven - Bones of the Blog
      You simply don't need to know all the technical details when it comes to WordPress
      in order to run a successful marketing website or blog. Chapter seven reveals what's
      truly MOST IMPORTANT so you can focus on just that and no more.
    • #33 Keyword Driven Categories & Optimization 2015
      This tip is simple, straight forward and allows you to create keyword driven categories
      with ease. Page 104.
    • #34 The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Plugins
      More is not always better and when it comes to running a successful marketing
      blog (i.e., a Trust Funnel) less is ALWAYS more. Discover the very best, time-tested
      plugins for powering your site. Page 106.
    • #35 WP Trustworthy
      Optimize a website for trust? Yep! Find out exactly how to do it because, as I’m sure
      you know, people buy from those they know, like and trust. And you want to be
      one of them. Page 113.
    • #36 Experience-Based Solutions - Chapter Eight
      Success comes from what you publish, end of story. It's not found in the latest plugin,
      software app or marketing solution. Chapter eight explores the very best way to publish
      content clicks that convert. After all, that's what gets results.
    • #37 Anchor Content
      Discover the type of content that has consistently generated tremendous results for me
      for well over seven years straight. Grab attention, drive that traffic, build the list and/or
      sell the product. It's worked 100% of the time for me, now it's your turn. Page 123.
    • #38 The Anchor Content Case Study
      I pull back the curtain on blog posts, products and videos that have all generated tremendous
      buzz, helped to build my brand and shined the spotlight on me. Page 128.
    • #39 Traffic to Two Sites with One Stone
      It's not only possible, it's actually dead simple to publish one piece of content that drives
      traffic and converts visitors into action on TWO different websites. Work smart, drive the
      traffic and live that fabulous life you've been dreaming about once you uncover the
      “two traffic method.” Page 40.
    • #40 Engage Bait
      Discover nine types of media that consistently drive user engagement across blogs,
      Facebook, YouTube and more. Engagement is the path to trust and trust leads to a
      very comfortable living. Page 131.
    • #41 The Trust Funnel Blog Launch
      Discover how to grab attention and launch your marketing blog (i.e., your Trust Funnel)
      with a splash. Because the buying cycle begins with grabbing attention, the last thing you
      want is to invest your time creating something that nobody visits. Page 122
    • #42 The 12-Step Trust Funnel Ranking Formula
      Creating content that people and Google love is not hard, especially when you follow the
      simple 12 step ranking formula in chapter 9.

 That's a Whole Lot of Step by Step Tactics and Strategies That
You'll Discover Inside Trust Funnel and That's Just the First Half of The Book!

TrustFunnelBook.com_Collage #socialmedia #marketing #collage #selfies

More Strategics, More Tactics, More Proven & Effective
Methods That You Can Leverage For Your Own

    • #44 The Swipe
      Swipe more than 200+ headlines that you can tweak and use in your marketing to grab
      attention and convert visitors. Pages 154-162
    • #45 Value Added Promotions & Auto List Builder
      Chapter 10 reveals how to launch an optimized WordPress website that builds your list
      on auto pilot. Then, leverage that list to grow and scale your lifestyle business.
    • #46 Bigger, Better & Self Propelled List Building
      Discover how to increase optin conversions and build a larger list—without out asking for
      help, bugging potential JV partners or spending money on ads. Page 165.
    • #47 Failed Thinking - The Money is in The List
      “The money is in the list!” This is flawed thinking and a half truth at best. Discover where
      the money REALLY is found when it comes to online marketing and how you can grab your share. Page 168.
    • #48 The Optimized Optin & The Pattern Interrupt
      Revealed: One simple tweak to my site layout that increased sign ups to my list by more
      than five times! You can do it too. Pages 169-172.
    • #49 The Optimized Call-to-Action
      Optimize your calls-to-action to drive more sales, build a bigger list, and get your content
      shared more often. Find out how on pages 173-178.
    • #50 The AK Elite Promotional Case Study
      In this case study, you’ll learn how my colleague and I strategically structured our promotion
      for a joint venture partner that resulted in more than $10,000 in affiliate commissions and
      $7,000 in cash and prizes. And even those who didn’t purchase anything, received
      tremendous value. Pages 179-180.
    • #51 The Bonus Funnel
      Eight different types of bonus items you can easily create to add value, drive more sales and
      ultimately stand out in a crowded marketplace. Make more money with each promotion
      while also adding value to those that buy from you. Pages 182-183.
    • #52 The Case Study Presell Pages
      See how two different presell pages generated well over $10,000 in affiliate earnings. Capture
      success just that much faster without having to reinvent the wheel. Read pages 185-186.
    • #53 Affiliate Promotion Email Launch Strategy & Sequence
      Discover the exact email sequence and strategies that have, time and time again, resulted in
      five-figure affiliate paydays. Follow a proven and effective email marketing formula for
      making more money. Pages 186-190.
    • #54 The Path of Least Resistance - Video
      Super charge the buying process with the power of video. Find out how in Chapter 11.
    • #55 Failed, Flawed & A Smashing Success
      Technology is NOT the path to more money, traffic and online success. And, even
      worse … often detours success. Discover the one thing that always results in online
      marketing success. Page 192.
    • #56 The YouTube Simplicity System
      Create more videos— in record time—that reach more people with these three simple
      YouTube tactics. Move forward and publish video that drives results sooner than if you
      were to do it on your own. Page 201.
    • #57 The Three-Dollar Video App
      Video doesn’t need to be complex in order to drive tremendous results.On page 201,
      I share the super simple $2.99 app that I have used numerous times to create high
      converting videos. Page 201.
    • #58 Mission Critical Video
      Start making better videos. Find out the two technical issues that you must focus on
      in order to create video that captivates and converts. Most folks totally miss this and
      thus, they struggle. Don’t be one of them. Page 201.
    • #59 The Optimized Video Call to Action
      Video is incredibly powerful, WHEN you know how to leverage it in the very best
      possible manner. Discover call-to-action strategies that you can easily implement to
      build a bigger list, drive more sales and get better results faster. Page 203.
    • #60 Custom Video _________________.
      Implementing this one simple tactic has resulted in FAR MORE video views for my
      videos. You too can duplicate this simple tactic. Best of all, I’ll show you how to
      quickly do it without spending one red cent. Page 207.
    • #61 Eleven Types of Videos
      Don’t want to be in on camera? You can still create powerful, persuasive videos that
      drive game-changing results. On pages 211-212, I share eleven types of videos you
      can create so you CAN take advantage of video marketing.
    • #62 Facebook Trust Funnel
      Follow along as I reveal numerous Facebook tactics that I’ve used to grow an active
      base of friends and followers. I share just how easy it truly is to generate results in your
      marketing by leveraging the power of Facebook—the most popular social network
      online today in Chapter 13.
    • #63 Online Marketing Success ALWAYS Begins with ____________
      There’s no better site online that makes it possible to grab that __________ then Facebook.
      You won’t have to spend months or even years trying to “figure it out”. On page 217, find
      out the how and why behind successful Facebook marketing strategies.
    • #64 Understanding the Basic Facebook Mechanics?
      Wondering the best way to leverage your newsfeed or set up your Facebook profile and/or page?
      Find the information you need to do just that on pages 218-219.
    • #65 What to Share & How to Share it!
      At its core, Facebook marketing is simple and easy. However, it’s also very misunderstood
      and most fail to deliver interesting, memorable and attention getting updates. Thus, they
      struggle. However, you don’t have to. Read how successful marketers—even those who
      are introverts by nature—drive incredible engagement. Pages 223-224.
    • #66 The Status Update Case Study - The Power Six
      Six different types of social media updates that you can leverage in your own marketing to
      stand out, generate engagement and drive results. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Pages 224-224
    • #67 Common Advice I’ve Ignored For Years
      Here’s the thing, everyone has an opinion about. Often times those opinions are NOT the best
      advice for generating tremendous results in your online marketing. Discover the advice I’ve
      been given on numerous occasions, why I’ve ALWAYS ignored that advice and why I believe
      you should as well. Sometimes “helpful advice” is not really that helpful at all. Page 226.
    • #68 Programming Your FB Newsfeed for Success
      Facebook can be incredibly depressing. Your newsfeed can be filled with negative updates,
      violent imagery and news tidbits that fill your head with thoughts that detract you from
      focusing on that which you want. On page 227 I share the exact steps I took in order to ensure
      success in my business and my life. This is a biggie, it’s simple and can have a profound
      impact on you.
    • #69 Why Google+
      Google Plus is the one social site that passes pagerank, is indexed by Google and shows
      up in the Google search engine. This is exactly why you’ll want to jump in and make use
      of the Google Plus platform. Page 229
    • #70 Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn
      Today, there are so many social sites that it can be overwhelming. On page #?, I share what
      you should focus on first and WHY. Move forward, get the important stuff done and crush
      it online.
    • #71 The Wealth War Cry
      This creed is how I live my life. It keeps me centered and focused on what’s truly most
      important and I share it with you on page 234.

Unsolicited Praise for Trust Funnel

"Brian Jam Packs Every Chapter With Useful Information"
Maria Karchevska

"Trust Funnel Is The Ideal Road-Map"
Walter Bayliss

E-Brian-Rose-Trust-Funnel-BookE Brian Rose - Co-Founder
As the co-founder of one of the world's largest online affiliate networks, I have seen a lot of marketers come and go. I have seen what works and what doesn't work. Brian G. Johnson is the real deal and the knowledge he unloads in Trust Funnel is exactly what you'd expect from one of the thought leaders in our field.

Kathleen-Gage-Trust-Funnel-BookKathleen Gage - Author, Speaker and Online Entrepreneur
Based on real life experience, Brian has laid out an incredible recipe for success. Virtually anyone who wants to build a community, client base or joint venture partnerships would be wise to pick up a copy of Brian's book - Trust Funnel - and sit down for a great read. The content in Trust Funnel is not only based on building solid relationships, Brian takes the reader step by step on the some of the most important technical aspects to consider. Well worth reading.

Shelley-Hitz-Trust-Funnel-BookShelley Hitz - Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur
Loved this book. I resonated with so much of the content and it confirmed I'm on the right track with my online business. Great job, Brian G. Johnson! Now it's time to go add incredible value and solve some problems. Highly recommended.

Sam-England-Trust-Funnel-BookSam England - Online Entrepreneur, Speaker & Product Creator
I absolutely LOVE this book...
If you want to learn the true in's and out's of Internet Marketing, then grab this right now. You will be glad you did. Highly recommended...

lem-moore-trust-funnel-bookLem Moore - Online Entrepreneur, Speaker & Product Creator
Trust Funnel, is so engaging you can't stop reading! If you want to know the truth about how to make it in the industry, then get this now! Or if you are not ready for the truth, then no worries, because this is one of those that will come around again and again,so you might as well get it now! If you read this and you get a little emotional in the beginning, then it only means that you truly care about making it online! "Biggles" L. Moore

Brad-Spencer-Trust-Funnel-BookBrad Spencer - Owner / Operator Spencer Marketing
Brian G. Johnson has been an absolute dear friend of mine for the last couple years for many reasons.

1. He is genuine
2. He always makes me smile
3. He's always kind to everyone.

Who better then to teach you about getting attention in a positive way without drama or pretentiousness? Brian's unique way of teaching combined with his unmatched desire to help people build fun and sustainable businesses is something every entrepreneur should pick up. Bottom line, if you're looking for a high quality book that you can use and PUT INTO ACTION in your business then this is a book you need to put in your shopping cart and pick up. You won't regret it.

brandee-sweesyBrandee Sweesy - Online Entrepreneur, Social Diva at
This is the BEST internet marketing book available! It is a step by step guide to learn internet marketing with integrity. Internet marketing has long been known for tactics and manipulation - this book changes the scene. You learn how to find your unique voice and share that with the world. Plus step by step on everything from websites, social media and SEO in a simple and easy to understand way. I wish this book had been around when I started!

Keith-Dougherty-Trust-FunnelKeith Dougherty - Online Entrepreneur, Owner Xtreme Marketing Services
I have been running my own online business for 5 years. During that time there is not one person I trust more than Brian G. Johnson. He is a man I highly respect and always look to for advice. His new book Trust Funnel is no different and delivers exactly what you would expect.

9-andy-shepherdAndy Shepherd - Online Entrepreneur, Speaker & Success Coach
Trust Funnel gives you ALL the information you need to be a success using Internet Marketing. Not only does he deliver all the processes and know-how that he has probably taken years to work out or find, he does it in a way than instils the confidence that YOU can do it too. No question about it, you should buy this book if you want to build an Internet Marketing Business, even if you are on a shoestring budget..

44-kellan-fluckigerKellan Fluckiger - Online Entrepreneur, Speaker & Professional Badass
Brian G. Johnson is a genuine person in a fake world. He has created a real system, using real examples and giving real advice for those trying to make a difference in a noisy, screaming world. Trust is the key, Trust is so hard to find and so easy to lose.
Brian's book will help you create your voice and leverage it to create trust. Enjoyed the read.

22-warren-petersonWarren Peterson - Online Entrepreneur, Professional Badass
In the world of online marketing, there are those who talk the talk and those who walk the walk. Brian G. Johnson most definitely walks the walk, and in Trust Funnel he walks with you. This book has a great balance of weaving Brian's own story into a very solid set of exact steps you can take and apply to your own entrepreneurial life, which makes it very accessible and readable. Read about building your brand, about best-practices for using social media, about video marketing, about how to use YouTube, about Amazon opportunities, and so much more. Building online success today requires trust, and this is one book that can absolutely be trusted to fill your funnel of opportunity.

33-bevan-birdBevan Bird - Marketing Coach
Moved me to action, that's really important, as we all know. I started shooting videos to create value and build trust... and it lead me to grow as a person more rapidly... and now I'm launching my new platform with a coaching and training program to help spiritually-based business owners grow exponentially by finding and connecting with joint venture partners by using social media differently.

... and it don't stop

Greg-Jameson-Trust-Funnel-BookGreg Jameson - #1 Best Selling Author of Amazon's Dirty Little Secrets
Brian's golden rule of internet marketing is "find out what people want and give it to them." He goes on to show you exactly how you can apply this to your business. The other thing that Brian points out is that all "experts" are prolific content creators. This is what separates average websites from authority websites that build trust. Buy this buy and learn the techniques for yourself. Greg Jameson #1 Best Selling author of "Amazon's Dirty Little Secrets"

michael-neal-trust-funnel-bookMichael Neal - Entrepreneur
I typically have trouble reading most anything, Not this book. It would seem that Brian G. Johnson has been able to put into words the steps you need to take in an easy to read and follow way. I have seen his products in the past and I must say, the Trust Funnel lives up to and even exceeds what we have learned to expect from him. Thank you Mr. Johnson and I will re-visit this book often as a valuable resource and suggest others do exactly the same !

Bill-Cousins-Trust-Funnel-BookBill Cousins - Chief BigWig at Prolific Marketer LLC
I can't recommend this book enough! It's a great little gem full of all kinds of the things that you need to have access to when your starting out or like me already going strong but wanting to move my online business to the next level and beyond! Buy this book the golden nuggets inside it are worth 3 times the price!


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Brian G. Johnson
People DO NOT fail at internet marketing,
they simply GIVE UP before the magic happens.