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Module #1 Piggyback Promos
Valued at $197

One of the best ways to nearly guarantee you’ll make money is to survey a market, find a product that’s making money, and then make your own version of the product and in Module #1 that’s exactly what I will teach you how to do.

I’ll show you how to let the numbers decide what books to make. It’s as simple as that. With a few mouse clicks and a look here and there, you’ll know exactly what will sell and what won’t.

  • PDF Training on Piggyback Promo’s.
  • Over my shoulder videos showing you how step by step detail.
  • Live webinar training lead by myself.


Module #2 Traffic Revenge
Valued at $197

Driving highly targeted BUYER traffic is a breeze with the Revenge Formula and with step two you’ll learn how to title your book to drive lots of free traffic from Amazon and Google. You’ll discover keyword secrets few understand, how to choose the optimal category and more.

  • PDF Training on Traffic Revenge.
  • Over my shoulder videos showing you how step by step detail.
  • Live webinar training lead by myself.


Module #3 Money Multiplier
Valued at $197

Discover how to increase your earnings by as much as 213% with little to no extra effort on your part, it’s all about working smart and getting a cover that coverts more of your visitors.
This module is pure magic as it’s based on improving your SALES CONVERSIONS. One simple ten-minute tweak can and often does improve earnings by as much at 127%.

  • PDF Training on Money Multiplier
  • Over my shoulder videos showing you how step by step detail.
  • Live webinar training lead by myself.


Module #4 Review Madness
Valued at $197

This module offers some unique tactics that took me months of testing and tweaking to develop. This is stuff that will allow you to generate ethical, white hat reviews whenever needed ….nobody’s teaching this and it’s a shame.

  • PDF Training on Review Madness
  • Over my shoulder videos showing you how step by step detail.
  • Live webinar training lead by myself.


Module #5 Magic Bullet Books (Training)
Valued at $197

Module Five of Revenge of the Affiliates is Magic Bullet Books. Secrets of book length, images, formatting, and outsourcing will be revealed to you at once. This module is actually three modules in one, Childrens Book Blueprint (version 2.0), Non Fiction Books and Your Personal Book.

  • PDF Training on Magic Bullet Books.
  • Over my shoulder videos showing you how step by step detail.
  • Live webinar training lead by myself.


Module #6 Pushbutton Promo’s
Valued at $197

Module Six: Push Button Promos, I’ll show you how I use free promo days to get a few thousand downloads of my book. You get momentum that never ends. More reviews are added to your listing. You’ve built a fire, added gas, and the free promo days are the spark that ignites the blaze.

  • PDF Training on Pushbutton Promos
  • Over my shoulder videos showing you how step by step detail.
  • Live webinar training lead by myself.


Magic Bullet Books Lifetime Membership
Valued at $297
(Software to Streamline & Simplify Kindle Formatting)

You’ll have lifetime access to the Kindle Formatting solution that leverages the latest technology Kindle KF8 (fancy formatting code) and you’ll never have to worry about how to format, compressing or resizing images. This is a web based software membership and works with MAC and PC.

  • Create unlimited books
  • Never pay again for access.
  • Let Magic Bullet Books (Software Membership) do the heavy lifting.


12 Recorded “Coaching Only” Webinars
Valued at $497

Few if any coaching programs offer weekly webinars, taking you from A to Z in step by step detail. When you access Revenge of the Affiliates you're signing up for an extended education that time and time again has proven “the thing” that has helped so many of my past students.

  • No pitch webinars! Just tons of valuable training based on my proven results.
  • Got questions? Recordings of all the questions asked by the students.
  • Hot seat webinars: Detailed feedback on student book promotions, these can be invaluable in honing your skills as a marketing publisher.
  • Recordings of the live webinar training led by myself.


Bonus Module: Unadvertised Traffic Unlimited
& Outsource It Modules
Valued at $197

Truth is there’s not six modules, there’s about nine of so and with these extra modules you’ll learn how to outsource quickly and easily. Other methods to leverage to help you drive traffic, increase book sales, get legitimate reviews and more.

  • PDF Training on traffic, outsourcing and more.
  • Over my shoulder videos showing you how step by step detail.
  • Live webinar training lead by myself.


Getting Started Report, Goals Sheet
& Additional Reports:
Valued at $47

Download the getting started guide that details the Revenge Formula as well as the goals report and more.

  • Getting started guide
  • Goals report

Access to the Revenge of the
Affiliates Private Community
Valued at $97

This is the place to get help, ask questions, share successes (and believe me, their will be plenty) and get with me. I’ll be logging into the community all the time, answering questions and helping you find the success that you so very well deserve.

  • Access to members only private form
  • Access to private Facebook group


My 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee BETTER-THAN-RISK-FREE
DOUBLE Guarantee

Not only will I make this experience zero risk for you, but I’ll take all the risk on my shoulders AND even give you $294.00 in gifts. You can keep these gifts even if you collect a full refund. Let me explain my DOUBLE guarantee:

1. If at any time during the first 45 days you don’t feel Revenge of the Affiliates is bringing you closer to the richer, easier, more comfortable life you’ve always wanted, just drop me a line. Email me here: brianjohnsoncoaching AT I will personally send you a complete refund for every penny of your money. This guarantee is unconditional with no fine print, secret clauses, or exceptions. You can refund at any time in the next 45 days for any reason, even if it’s because you think I’m too handsome to look at or because you think my voice sounds like a cat being dragged down the road.

2. This is about the $294.00 in gifts. This is why I’m the one taking all the risk here. You see, as soon as you accept the invitation below, you’ll have instant access to certain gifts I’ll mention in a moment. You can immediately begin to listen, watch, and even download certain guides. You’ll also be able to attend up to 6 of your 8 webinars before the refund period ends.

To make this even more risk-free for you: Any and everything you’ve learned or downloaded at that point is yours to keep, forever. No strings attached. Even if you refund, we’ll part ways friends. But you’ll have benefited with free gifts and knowledge for your invested time. So this guarantee is MORE than risk-free. Only I stand to lose if I don’t deliver what I’ve promised. Of course, I’m only willing to make an offer like this because I know you won’t need to use it. I know what Revenge of the Affiliates has done for me, for others, and I know what it can do for you just by following my directions. So…

Extremely Limited Time Offer

This is an extremely limited time offer. This offer is being made during the launch of my book Trust Funnel and the live training begins in a matter of days. So you gonna want to jump in and grab your seat while it's available.

Doors Close Saturday February 28

I simply can't handle anymore than 500 individuals and I want to ensure that everyone gets the attention they deserve. This Revenge of the Affiliates 2015 coaching program simply won't be available after February 28 or once 500 members claim there seat. Please understand that this is not a digital product. You're getting with me live and I'm coaching you along to the the success that you desire. However, our fist live training is taking place soon. For that reason, the doors must close in the coming days.

This is exclusive, Brian G Johnson training that you simply can't get anywhere else. I'm teaching you the very methods and strategies that I developed over a two year period, these strategies ideas and tactics have led to numerous profitable best-selling Kindle books.

The last time I open this program, over 500 people paid $497. However as part of this very special Trust Funnel book launch you'll be able to access Revenge of the Affiliates 2015 for a just ...

A One Time Payment of $197

Our first line training webinar is going to get underway soon, you're going to want to get in now and secure your spot and begin to prepare. This is a chance to get coached from me for three months FOR PENNIES on the dollar. Seriously, the price point is down right silly and I will never make this type of a coaching offer again. True story.

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